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Vickie Allen Serves as Summer 2011 Student Marshal

Vickie Allen has been selected as the College of Education's summer 2011 student marshal.

by Hannah Chakan (July 2011)

University Park, Pa.—The College of Education has announced Vickie Allen as its student marshal for its summer 2011 commencement on August 13.

Vickie_Allen.jpgAllen is an elementary and kindergarten education major who decided to enter college as an adult learner. She was working as a receptionist when she realized that wasn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

“I had always wanted to go to college,” Allen said, “but the opportunity had not been there.” She approached her husband about it, and with his support, will obtain her degree in less than three years.

Allen completed her student teaching at Marion-Walker Elementary School in Bellefonte where she taught in a kindergarten classroom. She said that she had the opportunity to get into the classroom before the school year started and was able to greet the students on their very first day.

“Having watched these students grow from their first day of kindergarten, when they knew so little, to the end of April, when they were writing sentences and recalling information they had learned throughout the year, was awe-inspiring,” said Allen.

Now as her college journey reaches an end, Allen said that words can’t describe her feelings about graduating. Being selected to lead her class at graduation has left her “honored and humbled,” she said.

“I was really taken off guard when I found out I was chosen--at one point I was speechless,” Allen said. “This is such an honor and is certainly a highlight in my college career.”

As for post-graduation plans, Allen said she is seeking employment in her local area and hopes to get into her own classroom soon.

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