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Frankenberg Co-Edits New Book that Examines School Integration

"Integrating Schools in a Changing Society" is the title of a new book co-edited by Erica Frankenberg.

frankenberg_integrating_big.jpgby Joe Savrock (October 2011)

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA. - Erica Frankenberg, faculty member in Penn State’s Department of Education Policy Studies, and Elizabeth DeBray of The University of Georgia are co-editors of a newly released book, Integrating Schools in a Changing Society: New Policies and Legal Options for a Multiracial Generation (UNC Press). The book explores the policy and legal options for school districts interesting in pursuing diverse schools.

“As the 2010 Census has shown—and what many educational leaders already see every day—we have tremendous demographic changes that are occurring, particularly among our school-aged population,” said Frankenberg. “At the same time that students of color are growing rapidly, so too is school segregation.”

Integrating Schools features a range of 18 chapters, contributed by leading scholars in educational policy and related fields who explore why racial integration remains an important education policy goal. The book examines different policy options for accomplishing integration, features case studies of a few districts’ efforts, and considers how to build public support for school districts’ pursuit of integration and equity.

Jeffrey Brooks, a noted expert in the field of educational leadership and faculty member at Iowa State University, said, "Erica Frankenberg and Elizabeth DeBray have assembled an impressive collection featuring the work of important scholars whose perspectives capture the diversity of approaches and perceptions on school integration. This timely and insightful work is a must-read for educators, legal scholars, political analysts, activists, and researchers.”