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Alumni Society Honors 2010 Award Recipients

The College of Education Alumni Society is extremely proud to honor its 2010 award winners.

(October 2010)

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - The College of Education Alumni Society is extremely proud to announce its 2010 award winners.

Excellence in Education Award

Paulette Lemma ’67 Edu, ’80 M.Ed., ’83 D.Ed.

Leadership & Service Award

Cathy Tomon ’79 Edu

Outstanding Teaching Award

Bradley Rosenau ’85 Voc Ed

Outstanding Student Teacher Awards

Fall 2009

Scott deLone ’09 Sci
Kasey Sundin Woolslare ‘09 E K Ed
Spring 2010

Carly Price ’10 E K Ed
Catherine Tang ’10 Sec Ed


Dr. Paulette Lemma is the 2010 recipient of the Excellence in Education Award. Paulette received a bachelor of science in elementary education in 1967 from Penn State. She began her career in 1968 as an elementary school teacher in Bellefonte, where she taught for 13 years. She returned to Penn State for graduate studies, taking a sabbatical leave from teaching to receive a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in 1980; soon after she started her doctorate in curriculum and instruction, which she received in 1983. Upon earning her degrees, Paulette taught at Penn State as an assistant professor. She supervised student teaching in the Philadelphia area, working with poverty-level schools in urban environments.

In 1988, Paulette accepted a teaching position at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). She rose to the rank of full professor, then chair of the Department of Teacher Education. She is currently serving as the associate vice president of academic affairs and CCSU’s dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

In that position, she has been responsible for significant efforts to strengthen Central Connecticut’s graduate program. In 2001, she oversaw the restructuring of the School of Graduate Studies, leading to a commendation in its reaccreditation from the New England Association Schools and Colleges. Paulette was also instrumental in starting the first doctoral program in Educational Leadership at CCSU and obtaining accreditation for that program as well. She also coordinates the university’s Center for Teaching Excellence and Leadership Development.

In addition to her work as dean, Paulette has remained involved in schools, especially in forming partnerships with urban schools. In 1992, she coordinated university partnerships with ten schools to build the Central Connecticut Professional Development School Network. She also served as the university facilitator at one of the partnership schools. Currently, she is the university administrative liaison to the New Britain School District, in a similar partnership.

While working as a CORE trainer for mentors and cooperative teachers, Paulette prepared a manual, CORE Instructor’s Manual: Cooperating Teacher Program and Beginning Educator Support and Training Program, which is still being used for the preparation of classroom teachers. She has also published articles in many respected journals, from The Journal of Curriculum and Supervision to Educational Action Research Journal, an International Journal.

Jim Nolan, Paulette’s former classmate and the Henry J. Hermanowicz professor of teacher education at Penn State, said, “She has been an accomplished teacher, supervisor and scholar who has influenced both practice and theory in teacher supervision and teacher education. She is also a gifted leader who has demonstrated excellence as a college administrator at multiple levels. In so doing, she has contributed to the quality of teacher preparation for urban schools and to the efforts to improve the quality of education for all children.”

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Cathy Tomon is the recipient of the 2010 Leadership & Service Award. She graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education in 1979. She received her master’s degree in administration and supervision in 2003, and her doctorate in education in 2009, both from East Carolina University.

Cathy is currently the principal of Broad Creek Middle School in Newport, N.C. She also serves on the board of directors of the North Carolina Association of Educators Principals’ Division, the board of directors for the North Carolina Middle School Association, the board of trustees for the North Carolina Teacher Academy, the Southern Region Education Board, the board of examiners for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, and the Newport Town Planning Board.

As principal, Cathy has put tremendous effort into creating a positive environment for teaching and learning. When she first began her work at Broad Creek Middle School, she introduced her faculty to the “FISH!” philosophy, which she uses as a way to create an innovative work environment that encourages energy and creativity.

Bradford Sneeden, former superintendent of the Carteret County Board of Education, said, “Mrs. Tomon stresses the need for teachers and staff to assist students in need. One such innovative project was raising funds to purchase a ‘Speech Easy’ device for a student with a severe stuttering problem. The device cost several thousand dollars and was out of the economical reach of his family, so the school family raised the money. Mrs. Tomon has led the charge in collecting items for several families who have lost homes due to fire or hurricanes, and the school always takes part in such projects as Toys for Tots and food drives.”

Cathy has been recognized for her abilities with many awards. She is a recipient of the Communities in Schools of North Carolina H. Glenn Williams “Power of One” Award, which is given to recognize the positive impact that one person can have on education and community. She has also been named the North Carolina Association of Educators Principal of the Year, the North Carolina Middle School Principal of the Year, and the Carteret County Wachovia Principal of the Year. Under her leadership, Broad Creek Middle School was named a National School to Watch, and North Carolina’s Gov. Mike Easley presented his Real D.E.A.L. (Dedicated Educators, Administrators, and Learners) Award to Broad Creek Middle School in recognition of an environment where teachers can teach and students can learn effectively. Her school is also an Impact Model School, which prides itself in the integration of technology in the classrooms and has currently been designated as an Honor School of Excellence with over 90% student proficiency. Cathy also received the Alumni Achievement Award from Penn State Schuylkill Campus in 2008.

Laura Corraro, a colleague of Cathy’s, said, “Mrs. Tomon has an enormous list of attributes that make her an outstanding person and administrator. She is dedicated, innovative, resourceful, honest, consistent, loyal, organized, intelligent, driven, and efficient. She is a hard worker, communicator, collaborator, and an inspirational leader. With determination, she portrays, Where there is a will, there is a way! She models this on a daily basis by bringing energy, passion, and a positive attitude to work every day. She has created an environment where our students and teachers are seeking academic excellence and social equity.”

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Bradley Rosenau is the 2010 recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Award. Brad graduated from Penn State with a bachelor of science and a master’s degree in vocational industrial education in 1985. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in art education for special-needs populations at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, the only school in the country to offer this major. Of particular note, Brad is the first male graduate student to be enrolled at Moore. He currently teaches commercial art and design at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology in Jamison, Pa., where he has been on staff since 1993.

In his teaching, Brad identifies community service opportunities and uses them to develop service-learning experiences for his students. For example, when he served as the newsletter editor for the Montgomery Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association, Brad integrated the creation of the newsletter into his curriculum, allowing students to learn about every aspect of the design-and-production process through direct experience. He has given his students similar opportunities for combining service and learning in designing metal sculptures for the Bucks County Bike and Hike Committee and contributing to the renovation of Kids Castle in Bucks County’s Central Park.

Brad is very involved in the Middle Bucks Education Association (MBEA), where he has served his colleagues as treasurer, vice president, and recording secretary on the Executive Council. He has also participated in MBEA’s membership, grievance, and ad hoc committees.

Kathryn Strouse, the administrative director of Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, said, “Mr. Rosenau imparts students with the technical knowledge and skills required in the field of commercial art and design. He is well respected by his students and demonstrates his commitment to teaching each day through innovative, well-planned lessons. Mr. Rosenau continually goes above the call of duty when it comes to supporting the special-needs students enrolled in his program. He is always willing to modify the curriculum or provide extra time so that his students can reach their full potential.”

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Scott deLone is a recipient of the Fall 2009 Outstanding Student Teaching Award. He graduated with a bachelor of science degree in physics, with a secondary education teaching option, as well as a minor in mathematics. He is also a Schreyer Honors Scholar, and graduated with honors. His thesis was titled, “The Role of Teacher Guidance and Failure During Inquiry Based Labs in the Physics Classroom.”

Scott completed his student teaching at Bellwood-Antis High School in the Bellwood-Antis School District, where he taught an academic physics class and an environmental science class. He developed different teaching strategies to better connect with his classes of different ages. At the end of his units, Scott developed and incorporated culminating laboratory-based problems, called practicums. These activities called on the entire class to work together to solve a difficult real-world problem, using the skills they had learned during the course of the unit. He found creative uses of technology, including it as a way to demonstrate physics concepts to his students. He focused on developing lessons that would help students understand and discuss the scientific principles behind the math.

Scott McDonald, associate professor of education and Scott’s Honors advisor, said, “Scott’s approach to his teaching, in particular how he facilitates discussions of complex science concepts, is years ahead of most practicing teachers, much less his preservice peers. He is remarkably reflective about his practice as well. If there is a teacher that better embodies the notion of an inquiry stance on their teaching as a preservice teacher, I have not seen them.”

deLone has accepted a teaching position at Henderson High School in West Chester, Pa.

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Kasey Sundin Woolslare is a recipient of the Fall 2009 Outstanding Student Teaching Award. She graduated with high honors with a bachelor of science degree in elementary and kindergarten education, as well as a Spanish minor. She also graduated from the Schreyer Honors College, having written a thesis on evaluating children’s nonfiction books.

Kasey completed her student teaching at Center Elementary School in the Plum Borough School District, where she taught in a sixth-grade classroom. She focused on creating exciting ways to teach her students. She used technology to enhance her lessons, creating movies, podcasts, interactive review games, and a Web site for her class. Kasey was also very involved in extracurricular activities during her stay at Center Elementary, as she volunteered with student government, after-school tutoring, and a bowling program. She helped manage a team of girls in the Battle of the Books competition.

Kasey’s mentor teacher, Kylie Tyzarczyk, said, “Kasey is a poised and reflective teacher. She demonstrates excellence in talent, enthusiasm, content knowledge, compassion, and skills. In addition, Kasey is a technology wizard that is willing to help others learn more about integrating technology into their teaching. She also demonstrates initiative, composure, and professionalism equal to that of an experienced teacher.”

Kasey held a position last spring as a long-term substitute teacher in fifth-grade language arts in Erie County, Pa. Currently she is teaching sixth-grade mathematics in Onslow County, N.C. Her first teaching assignment has her busy keeping track of a diverse student population—more than 40% of her students are military transplants. Her husband, Alex, also got his first job at the same middle school, teaching eighth-grade mathematics and science.

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Carly Price is a recipient of the Spring 2010 Outstanding Student Teaching Award. She graduated with a bachelor of science degree in elementary and kindergarten education, with an elementary education teaching option, as well as a minor in sociology.

Carly completed her student teaching at Franklin Elementary School in North Allegheny School District, where she was assigned to a fourth-grade classroom. She taught her students with enthusiasm and skill, implementing diverse methods of instruction and focusing on real-world application. She also organized a relief project for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. In total, the school collected almost 2,000 hygiene products to donate. She built a strong rapport with her students and participated in many school activities, such as a faculty and staff volleyball game and a “Music in Our Schools” concert.

Carly’s mentor teacher, Brian Pendergast, said, “Miss Price has the unique ability to combine solid learning principle into exciting and meaningful lessons. She recognizes that student learning occurs in many modalities, and her lessons reflect that understanding. The students respond well to Carly’s leadership, and her formal and informal interactions with the students reveal her sincere concern for their development. As the result of thorough lesson preparation, she is able to recognize opportunities for establishing learning connections and to be proactive in addressing areas of potential failure. The students gain not only a solid grasp of the curriculum, but also a broader web of knowledge as Carly draws out individual connections to the topics.”

Carly currently has a long-term substitute position as a third-grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School.

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Catherine Tang is a recipient of the Spring 2010 Outstanding Student Teaching Award. She graduated with a bachelor of science degree in secondary education with a mathematics option.

Catherine completed her student teaching practicum at Mount Nittany Middle School in the State College Area School District, where she taught three levels of mathematics. She planned lessons and activities to get her students excited about the math concepts they were learning and focused on giving individual students the attention and help they needed.

A joint letter from Catherine’s advanced algebra class spoke of how she taught in a creative and engaging fashion. Her students said, “She found different ways to do math that included using whiteboards, using skittles to represent situations, and using the Sympodium, a type of SmartBoard. The methods she used helped us gain a full understanding of difficult topics.”

Catherine was also involved in extracurricular activities, including tutoring math and assisting with the school’s MathCounts team.

Joseph Walker, one of the teachers Catherine worked with, said, “It was very easy to forget that Ms. Tang was a student teacher during her time at Mount Nittany Middle School. Her patience and ability to adapt to frequent changes in the middle school schedule were comparable to teachers who have spent years in the classroom. She seemed to be organized and prepared for each day’s activities, allowing for time to interact with students and teachers on a personal level. I have been very impressed with Ms. Tang’s desire to put forth maximum effort in everything that she does and to learn and improve on anything she doesn’t feel reflects her best.”

Catherine is currently teaching seventh grade at Thomas K. Finletter Elementary School (K-8) in Philadelphia. She is planning to obtain her master’s degree in education within the next five years.

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