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Riccomini Co-Authors Two New Books on Mathematics Instruction Methods

Two new books offers techniques for math teachers to improve students' learning.

by Joe Savrock (November 2010)

Riccomini, Paul_sm.jpgUNIVESITY PARK, Pa. – Paul J. Riccomini, Penn State associate professor of special education, and Bradley S. Witzel, faculty member at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C., are co-authors of two newly released books that address techniques of mathematics instruction.

“Response to Intervention in Math” (Corwin Press) offers guidelines for improving learning for all students, especially those who have learning disabilities and/or are struggling with mathematics content. Drawing from evidence-based models, the book begins with a discussion of the response-to-intervention (RTI) framework and the types of interventions appropriate within an RTI system for mathematics. It describes how three tiers can be implemented in specific mathematics areas and provides examples of RTI procedures illustrated in case studies.

“The book is particularly timely, as response-to-intervention methods are now being applied to the area of mathematics across the country,” says Riccomini.

Witzel and Riccomini’s second book is titled “Solving Equations: An Algebraic Intervention” (Allyn & Bacon). This textbook provides teachers and preservice teachers with information to employ the concrete-to-representational-to-abstract (CRA) sequence of instruction with forms of algebraic equations. The CRA sequence is designed to help students achieve mathematical standards. The techniques and lessons in the book are designed to help teaches guide their students from the most rudimentary mathematical elements to a more advanced understanding of solving equations.