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Recent Faculty Research - Compiled August 2013

Review the latest faculty/staff presentations, publications, grants, and grant proposals.


Crowl, M. & Zimmerman H.T., “Connecting science museum programs to youth's interests using front-end evaluation.” Paper presented at Visitor Studies Association (VSA) 2013 Annual Conference, Milwaukee, WI, July 2013.

McClain, L.R. & Zimmerman, H.T. “Families’ science conversations at a nature center: Prior learning experiences as shapers of new knowledge.” Paper presented at National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) 2013 Annual Meeting, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, April 2013.

Woika, S.A., & Pendergast, J. “School law for school psychologists: Legal issues and ethical practice.” Lecture presented at Temple University’s 32nd Annual School Psychology Conference, Philadelphia, Pa., March 2013.

Zimmerman, H.T., “Recogizing science: Seeing one’s self in science and engineering practices.” Paper presented at National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) 2013 Annual Meeting, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, April 2013.


Baker, R.M. & Passmore, D.L. “A back-of-the-envelope assessment: Potential of liquified natural gas exports for the Pennsylvania economy, 2014-2020.” Marcellus Business Central, June 9, 2013, 3(1), 9. (available at

Bowersox, C.M., Woika, S.A., & Mitchell, C.J. “Mandated reporting: A critical role of administrators.” The Pennsylvania Administrator. 2013.

Maykuth, A. “Debating economic impact of Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania” (contains interview with D.L. Passmore regarding Passmore and Rose M. Baker research on Marcellus Shale natural gas impacts). The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 5, 2013. Retrieved from and archived by WebCite® at

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Woika, S.A., & Bowersox, C. M. “Child abuse and mandated reporting.” Educational Horizons, April/May.

Recently Awarded Grants (April 24 through Aug. 12)

Rose M. Baker
COP: Commission on Crime and Delinquency
2013 Pennsylvania Youth Survey Implementation Analysis, and Reporting

Karen L. Bierman, Thomas W. Farmer, James C. Diperna, Robert J. Stevens, Edward A. Smith, Elizabeth M. Farmer, Linda H. Mason
U.S. Department of Education
Training Interdisciplinary Educational Scientists (TIES) Program

James Lantolf, Matthew Poehner, Karen E. Johnson, Gabriela Appel-Lantolf, Celeste S. Kinginger, Susan G. Strauss, Xiaofei Lu
U.S. Department of Education
Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research (CALPER)

David L. Lee, Paul J. Riccomini
U.S. Department of Education
Training in the Professorate for Special Education (TIPS)

Paul Morgan, Marianne M. Hillemeier, Michelle L. Frisco
U.S. Department of Education
ADHD: Population-Based Estimates of Diagnosis, Treatments, and School Outcomes

Karen Murphy
U.S. Department of Education
Quality Talk: Developing Students’ Discouse to Promote Critical-Analytic Thinking, Epistemic Cognition, and High-Level Comprehension

Karen Murphy
National Science Foundation
Integrating Quality Talk Professional Development to Enhance Professional Vision and Leadership for STEM Teachers in High-Need Schools

Kausalai J. Wijekumar, Bonnie J. Meyer, Pui-wa Lei
U.S. Department of Education
Development of a web-based writing partner (We-Write Persuasively) to improve writing persuasive essays for 5th grade students

Kausalai J. Wijekumar, Bonnie J. Meyer, Pui-wa Lei
U.S. Department of Education
Improving Reading Comprehension of Middle Grades English Language Learners by Combining Structure Strategy with Web-Based Adaptive Tutoring for ELLearners (SWELL)

Proposals (April 24 through Aug. 12)

David Gamson, Erica Frankenberg, Kimberly Powell
Spencer Foundation
Schooling in Cyberia: Analyzing the Contexts and Effects of Cyber Charter Schools and Online Learning in Pennsylvania Public Schools

Jeffrey Hayes, Allison Lockard (GA)
American College Counseling Association
Helping Those Who Help Themselves: Does Counseling Enhance Retention and Graduation Rates?

David Saxe
Charles Koch Foundation
Penn State SSED 200 American Heritage Course Fall 2013

Jeremy Staff, David Baker
National Institutes for Health
College and Health from Adolescence to Midlife

Jacqueline McLaughlin, Rose Baker, Roy Clariana
National Science Foundation
WIDER: Teaching Biology Differently

Tanya Furman, Scott McDonald
National Science Foundation
Improving Instructional Practice, Evaluation, and Reward Structure at Penn State

Mari Haneda
National Council of Teachers of English
From Academic Language to Academic Communication: Investigating Language Use in Secondary Classrooms Across the Curriculum

Heather Zimmerman
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Exploring the Outdoors and Science Together (EOST): Assessing Family Learning in the Environmental Sciences