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Student Research (Compiled July 2014)

Review the latest research by our students.

See research presentations made at AERA.

Presentations made at the Penn State College of Education's June 2014 Education and Civil Rights Conference

Heather BennettEducation Equity and the Supreme Court: A Historical Look at the Supreme Court’s Jurisprudence in the Wake of Brown’s Shadow

Kristina Brezicha, Erica Sausner, and Hilario LomeliA Change of Plans: How One School Board Responded to the Needs of a New Student Population

M. Christopher Brown, Kassie Freeman, Frederick Loomis, and Talia Carroll, From Desegregation to Social Justice: The Impact of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on Public Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Emily Hodge, How Separate Still Isn’t Equal: The Implementation of the Common Core State Standards and Equity in a Metropolitan District

Stephen Kotok, Erica Kryst, and Annelise Hagedorn, A New Narrative on Rural Education: How One High School Takes On 21st Century Challenges

Jessica ParisiResource Inequality in Schools: Utilizing Title VI Disparate Impact Analysis to Achieve Equal Educational Opportunity for Students in High-Poverty, High-Minority Schools

Stephen Worthington and Duane RohrbacherDisparate Discipline: Codes of Student Conduct and Suspension Rates in Pennsylvania School Districts