Goals and Activities

SCASD-PSU English Professional Development School: Goals and Activities for Interns, Mentors, and Associates
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Share experiences with student literacy and  learning, school pedagogy & practice
Explore knowledge bases about students, literacy, and curriculum Discuss observations and seek readings related to a shared interest Discuss classroom experiences, journals, emails, growth portfolio Read posts to explore similarities and differences in classroom experiences

Plan inquiries into literacy and pedagogy

Formulate joint projects and papers

Focus issues for observation, reading, and discussion Focus shared questions, experiences, and issues for co-teaching and co-inquiry

Find ways to support co-learning and co-teaching activity

Intern goal setting

Post questions and critical incidents
Contextualizing Analyze data from classroom inquiries relative to multiple issues on school, learning, and literacy Seek a variety of viewpoints through collaborations, readings, and reflexive writing Discuss reflections to seek different possible meanings for classroom learning and literacy growth

Contribute multiple perspectives to collaboration

Share readings to inform practice

Respond to posts

Share significant ideas from readings

Share resources and classroom ideas


Authoring circle to respond to thinking or writing in progress

Support reflection on teaching practice

Formulate positions by negotiating first hand experience with published ideas

Value difference in teaching style

Evaluate multiple approaches

Apply readings to experiences

Reflect on best practice through co-reflection

Evaluate intern goals

Connect ideas to students' literacy activities and learning

Collaborate on new curricular plans and teaching strategies

Propose presentations to group or field

Write inquiry papers to share knowledge produced with field of English language arts pedagogy

Strengthen learning and literacy (own and students)

Collaborate on curriculum ideas and materials

Share successes and strengths through a professional electronic portfolio and classroom websites

Generate curricular ideas

Share ideas in ANGEL or on websites

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