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Goals and Activities for Interns, Mentors, and Associates

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Immersing Discuss classroom experiences.
Journals, emails, growth portfolio.
Explore issues of student literacy and learning, school pedagogy, and practice. Share experiences about students, literacy, and curriculum. Read materials and postings to explore similarities and differences in experiences. Discuss observations and readings.
Identifying Find ways to support co-learning and co-teaching activity.
Regular goal setting.
Plan inquiries on literacy and pedagogy. Focus issues for mentor and associate presentations. Post ideas on specific issues. Construct shared experiences and issues.
Highlight needs.

Contribute multiple perspectives to co-planning.
Share readings to inform practice.

Analyze data from classroom inquiries.
Authoring circle to share work in progress.
Discuss readings on issues to reflect on presentations. Respond to posts.
Share significant ideas from readings.
Share resources and ideas.
Share observations in other classrooms and buildings.
Construct large picture of teaching English.


Reflect on best practice through co-reflection and co-response to readings.
Evaluate goals.
Present knowledge constructed in a seminar. Inquiry groups and interns present ideas and issues about literacy and pedagogy. Theorize best practice by connecting ideas to students' literacy and learning. Value difference in teaching style.
Seek to name student literacy and learning practices/pedagogies.
Transforming Share successes and strengths through co-authoring andprofessional portfolios. Support members' projects as published papers and presentation proposals.

Formulate joint projects and papers.
Respond to colleagues' projects and papers.
Publish a PDS book of papers.

Generate curricular ideas.
Share through websites.
Strengthen learning and literacy (own and students).
Collaborate on curriculum ideas.