(for University Park College of Education Students)

** offered 2 times a year **

Graduate student Dissertation Research Initiation Grants for College of Education doctoral students at University Park are offered each fall and spring semester through the generosity of the Office of the Dean of the College of Education.  Students must be at the dissertation level to apply.

Student RIG Guidelines
Student RIG Application (pdf)

(for University Park College of Education Students)

The Graduate Student Travel Grant is intended to help financially support a graduate student's travel expenses to, from, and during a conference. Eligible College of Education (University Park) students will have been accepted to present at a conference/symposium. Additional eligibility criteria and application instructions are provided on the application.

(for University Park College of Education Students)

The Summer Tuition Assistance Program is open to Graduate Students who have held either an assistantship or fellowship during BOTH the Fall and Spring Semesters of the current academic year.  An Advisor Approval Form MUST  be completed and signed by your advisor and then submitted to your program’s staff assistant prior to completing the online application form.

The College of Education, in partnership with the Graduate School, has created a new program of support for up to seven doctoral students in the field of Education. The support will take the form of graduate assistantships known as Dean’s Graduate Assistantships for Engaged Scholarship and Research in Education.

The program is designed to support the highest quality students applying for admission to our doctoral programs. All of our graduate programs will be eligible to nominate students and the selection will be made the Committee for Graduate Studies and Research Policy. Each Dean’s Graduate Assistant chosen will receive four years of funding.

Criteria for Dean's Graduate Assistantship
Dean's Graduate Assistantship Nomination Form
Frequently Asked Questions

Bunton-Waller Graduate Awards Program - Bunton-Waller Graduate Awards are generally assistantships granted to incoming students as part of the University's comprehensive educational opportunity program. The graduate admission application serves as the Bunton-Waller Graduate Awards application. Students must be nominated by their program in the Graduate Recruitment Administrative Tracking system within GRADS. The Bunton-Waller Graduate Awards Program competition is open to incoming graduate degree candidates who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Applications will be evaluated on scholarly promise and upon receiving a commitment from the student's graduate major program to support the student.

Bunton-Waller Guidelines

The Robert W. Graham Endowed Graduate Fellowship was created to assist in the recruitment of outstanding students considering enrolling at Penn State. The funds will provide supplementation awards to incoming students who have been given assistantships, departmental fellowships or who are recipients of external awards. Award offers are typically one one year; however, colleges may extend two-year offers to outstanding students. Students who have been awarded University Graduate Fellowships (UGF) are NOT eligible.

Graham Fellowship Guidelines