About PSSC

Founded in 1947, the Pennsylvania School Study Council (PSSC) is a partnership between Penn State and member school districts, intermediate units, and area vocational-technical schools. PSSC is dedicated to improving public education in Pennsylvania by providing up-to-date research information, professional development activities, and technical assistance that will enable its members to provide top quality educational services to students.

We believe that:

  • PSSC's primary function is to provide services in response to identified member needs.
  • PSSC services should be unique and have a competitive advantage.
  • PSSC services should be easily attainable, timely, effective and helpful.
  • PSSC must respond to changing circumstances with creativity and innovation.
  • PSSC must use an entrepreneurial approach to providing services to its constituency.
  • Professional integrity and responsible management of resources is essential.
  • Personal contact is an important component of services offered and delivered.
  • Integrity and collegiality must characterize relationships between PSSC, member LEA's and the University.

Executive Committee