Offered each Summer Semester

ADTED 457:  Adult Literacy discusses adult literacy issues, research, theory, programming, and instructional practices in the context of family literacy.  The course examines the role of adult education as it pertains to adult learners’ needs and their roles of parents, workers, and community members. 

Learning Objectives:  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the scope and depth of the field of adult literacy. 

  • Discuss key findings of adult literacy research and describe major adult literacy theories.

  • Relate the field of adult literacy to family literacy goals.

Course Topics

   ~  Defining Adult Literacy
   ~  Adult Literacy Research
   ~  Adult Learning Theory
   ~  Adult Learner Participation and Persistence
   ~  Reading and Writing
   ~  Numeracy
   ~  Family Literacy
   ~  English as a Second Language
   ~  Health Literacy
   ~  Workforce Education
   ~ Transitioning to Post-secondary