Offered each Fall Semester

ADTED 458:  Early Literacy Development focuses on young children’s language and literacy development, including ways that parents and staff support this development; research related to how children acquire language, reading, and writing skills; how to encourage language and literacy development through play and technology; and reading challenges children may face.

Learning Objectives:  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the development of early language and literacy, and the important role parents play in influencing children’s transformation into successful readers and writers.
  • Describe how teachers can support children’s language and literacy development by:
    • Understanding children’s language and literacy development
    • Learning how to create a classroom that supports children’s learning
    • Providing support to all learners.

Course Topics 

  ~  Oral Language (e.g., vocabulary development, phonological awareness, & alphabet knowledge)
  ~  Print Knowledge
  ~  Comprehension and Fluency
  ~  Emergent Writing
  ~  Impact of Read Alouds
  ~  Family Partnerships Between Home and School
  ~  Influence of Play and Music
  ~  Literacy and diversity
  ~  Reading challenges:  Dyslexia
  ~  The Role of Technology