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Course Dates

TTE Nurse Aide Training Program Course Dates

The TTE Course is an online course which consists of 2 parts. The first portion of the course provides participants with knowledge about teaching. The last portion of the course is led by representatives from the Pa Dept. Of Education and covers knowledge about regulations and documentation required.

Individuals may choose to take only the Pa Dept. of Education portion of the course if he or she wants to function as a nurse aide coordinator or has been waived from the first portion of the course by the Pa Dept. of Education.

Penn State Portion

The online course has no set hours. You sign in, view and complete assignments as your schedule allows.
You will be provided with information on how to log into the online course 1 week prior to the course start date.
Please see the schedule below for when your online course begins. You may not begin your course until it's start date.

If you fail to complete the online course, you will have to reschedule the entire course.


The Pa Dept. of Education Portion is embedded into the course and is entirely online. Individuals taking the course to become a coordinator or has been waived from taking the entire course will receive instructions for accessing the PDE portion on the first day of the course.

Before you register, please read the Participant Qualifications and Registration Guidelines.
When you are ready to register, click on REGISTRATION.

2020-2021 TTE Workshop Schedule

Course Begins   
 Course Ends
Deadline       Location

Jan 1, 2021

Jan. 31st

Dec. 4th 2020


Feb 1, 2021

Feb. 28th

Jan. 15th


March 1st

March 31st

Feb. 12th


April 1st

April 30th

March 12th


May 1st

May 31st

April 16th


June 1st

June 30th

May 14th    


Sept. 1st         

Sept 30th 

Aug. 13th  


Oct 1st

Oct 31st            

Sep. 17th


Nov 6th

Dec 11th   

Oct 7th