Online Course

Information about the three week online course that is one part of the overall certification process.


The content of this course was previously taught as the first part of the four day workshop. We've simply taken this material and spread it out over a three week period to give participants more time to not only absorb the content but to also get some hands on experience applying what they have learned. With a focus on the characteristics of adult learners, teaching methodologies, course design, and evaluation tools, this course prepares individuals to successfully teach and administer Nurse Aide Courses in accordance with Pennsylvania State regulations and Federal specifications.


Once the course for a specific workshop is opened, the course is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at this web address Participants will be sent instructions on how to log in once it has been confirmed the workshops will take place. However, the course will not open until the first day listed on the Dates, Times and Locations page. Should one have any technical issues with the course or logging in after it is open please contact  and/ or .


The course will take place over a three week period but, it may not take participants that long to complete. it is important to note that while participants are free to complete the course as their schedules permit, there are weekly assignments due on the last day of each week. Therefore it is not possible to simply wait till the last day of the course to submit all assignments. Since certification is not awarded until the 2 Day Course has also been completed, there is no benefit from rushing to complete the course early. In addition, the instructor must review and approve all submitted work before the course is complete.


The Course is divided into 3 week sections.  Each section has assignments that need to be submitted by the last day of the week’s lesson.  Each assignment will be reviewed according to a rubric. Participants may be asked to resubmit work should the instructor feel this work does not meet expectations outlined in the rubric. Failure to submit acceptable work and within the required time periods could result in course failure. If the Online Course is not completed you may not attend the 2 Day workshop and you will not receive certification until the entire course is repeated.

Week 1

  • Introduction to teaching
  • Qualities of great teachers
  • Characteristics of learners
  • Curriculum, lesson plans, course syllabus, program objectives

Week 2

  • Choosing course materials
  • Teaching strategies
  • Demonstration and Clinical Techniques
  • Writing lesson plans

Week 3

  • Intro to testing and evaluation
  • Writing test questions
  • Nurse Aide Competency Exam
  • Clinical rating sheets/documentation
  • Nurse Aide course evaluations