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Dr. Tyler Hollett

Dr. Tyler Hollett

Assistant Professor of Education (LDT)

Phone: 814-863-3781

315 Keller Building
University Park, PA 16802


  • Learning and Performance Systems


  • Learning, Design, and Technology


My research examines the intersection of out-of-school learning, youth culture, and digital media. Specifically, I study and design informal, media-rich learning settings for youth in order to support innovative teaching and learning. As an effort to disrupt container-like models of teaching and learning, my research responds to the ongoing development of interest-driven learning opportunities for youth within—and beyond—settings like home, libraries, schools, and city streets. Simply put, I believe that youth learn best when they pursue their own interests, when the have the opportunities to work alongside and share that knowledge with supportive peers and adults, and when they have multiple opportunities, across settings, to refine skills valued by a meaningful, and authentic community. With this belief as an anchor, my research to date has explored youth, learning with digital media, in-and-out of schools, including youth learning and composing with mobile devices, youth learning through video gameplay, and youth learning in action sports, like skateboarding and BMX riding.

Key words for my research include: Informal learning; Learning out-of-school; Digital media and learning; Learning and sports (particularly action sports). 

I am currently accepting doctoral students who have an interest in researching and thinking together about learning across settings, youth learning with digital media, and youth learning in technology-enhanced athletic settings. 

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