Meet our faculty

Dr. Marcela Borge
Associate Professor
[email protected]


  • Sociometacognition
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
  • Student-Centered Educational Design
  • Human-Computer-Interaction

Dr. Roy Clariana
[email protected]


  • Knowledge Structure theory and Application
  • Knowledge Structure measures of group Cognition & L1L2
  • Enhancing Engagement in Online Learning

Dr. Tyler Hollett
Associate Professor
[email protected]


  • Interest and interest-driven learning in technology-enhanced settings
  • Relational Dimensions of learning (how informal settings cohere and persist)
  • Participatory forms of video-based analysis

Dr. Simon Hooper
[email protected]


  • Using technology to support teaching and learning
  • Design
  • Learning Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • E-assessment

Dr. ChanMin Kim
Associate Professor

[email protected]


  • Equitable STEM education
  • Culturally sustaining design 
  • Robot programming 
  • Debugging
  • Teacher learning

Dr. Susan Land
[email protected]


  • Frameworks for the design of technology-enhanced, student-centered learning environments
  • Design of learning environments for everyday, informal, or classroom contexts that utilize technologies such as social media and mobile devices
  • Mobile tech-enhanced learning in outdoor, informal settings

Dr. Gabriela Richard
Assistant Professor
[email protected]


  • Formal and informal learning in gaming & computer competitions
  • Design and diverse learners' interests, engagement with media and technology
  • Intersectionality, equity, and culturally-situated approaches to inclusive design
  • Multimodality, complex systems, and computational thinking

Dr. Priya Sharma
Associate Professor
[email protected]


  • Emerging technologies for teaching and learning
  • Interaction and knowledge sharing in formal and informal online learning spaces
  • Design and evaluation of learning analytics and machine learning to support engagement
  • Equity and fairness in the use of emerging technologies for learning design

Dr. Tanner Vea
Assistant Professor
[email protected]


  • Political dimensions of learning processes
  • Ethics of technology design
  • Learning and civic engagement

Dr. Heather Toomey Zimmerman
[email protected]


  • Learning across contexts (informal science learning institutions, homes, libraries)
  • Young people´s uses of emergent digital tech
  • Video-based ethnography, design-based research, and analyses of naturally-occurring talk and activity
  • Design of science learning experiences within and across settings