Entrance to Major Testing

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires that Undergraduate students in all Instructional I teacher certification programs must successfully complete a Basic Skills Assessment.  

  • Elementary and Early Childhood Education
  • Middle Level Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education
  • World Language
  • Agriculture
  • Art Education
  • Kinesiology
  • Music

    The Basic Skills Assessment requirement can be fulfilled by completing the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) exams.

    The CORE series includes three modules: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. You may take one or all three modules at one test appointment.  The CORE may be passed by achieving a 156 in Reading, a 162 in Writing and a 142 in Mathematics, or by the Composite Score Option. Once on the PDE testing page, select option 2 under "Testing Requirements."

      Students in Workforce Education must successfully complete the CORE tests.  Please contact the Workforce Education program for passing score information.

      • Vocational I must successfully complete the reading and writing exams
      • Vocational II must successfully complete the reading, writing, and math exams

      Testing Requirements for Teacher Certification Programs

      • PK-4— PECT
      • English 4-8— PRAXIS
      • Social Studies 4-8— PRAXIS
      • Biology— PRAXIS Biology: Content Knowledge
      • Chemistry— PRAXIS Chemistry: Content Knowledge
      • Communication— PRAXIS:  Speech Communication: Content Knowledge
      • Earth/Space— PRAXIS Earth Science: Content Knowledge
      • English— PRAXIS English Language Arts: Content Knowledge
      • Environmental— PRAXIS: Environmental Education (PA)
      • General Science— PRAXIS General Science: Content Knowledge
      • Mathematics— PRAXIS Mathematics: Content Knowledge
      • Physics— PRAXIS Physics: Content Knowledge
      • Social Studies— PRAXIS Social Studies: Content Knowledge
      • Special Education PK-8 and Special Education 7-12— ESP Special Education PreK – 8, Modules 1 & 2 and/or PECT Special Education 7 – 12, Modules 1 & 2
      • Special Education PK-12 — PRAXIS Core Knowledge and Applications

      For SPLED students who do not currently hold an Instructional Pennsylvania certificate also will need to complete Fundamental Subjects Praxis exam.

      • French— ACTFL French OPI & WPT and PRAXIS Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
      • German— ACTFL German OPI & WPT and PRAXIS Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
      • Latin— PRAXIS Latin and PRAXIS Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
      • Russian—  ACTFL Russian OPI & WPT and PRAXIS Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
      • Spanish— ACTFL Spanish OPI & WPT and PRAXIS Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge

      WF ED students must pass their Occupational Competency Assessment before obtaining their certification.

      • Agriculture — PRAXIS  Agriculture, Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
      • Art Education — PRAXIS Art: Content Knowledge, Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
      • Kinesiology — PRAXIS Health & Physical Education: Content Knowledge, Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
      • Music — PRAXIS Music: Content Knowledge, Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
      • Pearson PECT
      • ETS PRAXIS
      • PRAXIS -- Alternate Scoring Method with a Sliding GPA for all Speciality Tests - Please contact your  academic advisor for clarification of this process.
      • ACTFL

      Penn State's Institutional Report to the Pennsylvania Department of Education: In compliance with Title II, Section 207 of the Higher Education Act of 1998 and General Standard for the Institutional Preparation of Professional Educators -- Chapter 354. About Title II