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Teaching ESL Certificate Program with Ecuador Immersion

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Teaching ESL Certificate Program with Ecuador Immersion

Experience Teaching ESL in Ecuador from Penn State College of Education on Vimeo.

Application Deadline Extended!  Final Deadline is December 11, 2019

Scholarship Funding Now Available! 

Penn State offers an exciting alternative to the ESL certificate Map of Ecuador with Otavalo and Cuenca Identifiedprogram offered on campus. The ESL certificate can now be completed with a field teaching experience abroad. The immersion program includes courses at Penn State University Park and at one of two universities in Ecuador, the Universidad de Loja and the Universidad de Cuenca, for a summer intensive study experience. The program is completed in one calendar year, beginning in January and ending in August. So that teachers can participate from a distance, courses on the Penn State University Park campus are scheduled during weekend sessions and complemented by online learning. In late June, the group travels to Ecuador's Andean highlands for an intensive five-week culture and language immersion and practice teaching experience.

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