The College of Education Alumni-Student Mentoring Program connects alumni with current students. This professional development program gives students an opportunity to tap into the knowledge and expertise of Education alumni. Alumni can give students advice on career paths and help students establish a network of alumni and other education professionals. Contact is made through the Alumni Relations Office and matches are made based on shared career interests. 

For more information about this program, please contact Stefanie Tomlinson ([email protected]) or 814-863-2216.

"My mentor has provided awesome advice on topics including resume writing, job interviews, etc. He is extremely generous in both his time and with the surprise packages I receive in the mail." -- Cassie, student protégé 

"This experience has helped me learn about new opportunities for me to grow as both a student and a future educator." -- Lauren, student protégé 

"My mentor has been an incredible asset to me as a mentor and as a friend. I feel fortunate to have someone who continues to support me through my endeavors." -- Samantha, student protégé 

"I first thought that this program would be just me answering my protege's questions or suggesting things. It has become so much more in terms of getting to know a student in a way that helps me see how effective and impactful the College of Education programs and Penn State in general are." -- Suzanne, alumni mentor

"I'm really glad that this program exists and find that I am also benefiting greatly from our interactions and relationship." -- Kaela, alumni mentor

"It is always great to hear from students who are just beginning their journey into the profession. They bring a unique perspective." -- Doug, alumni mentor