The College of Education Finance Office is committed to providing excellent customer service as well as serving as a financial and administrative resource for the College. Our office handles research funds, general funds, and endowments, and is responsible for fiscal control and expenditure approval. Our staff values integrity and teamwork. We are located in 244 Chambers Building; Phone: 814-865-1660

Documents and Resources

Following are the individuals identified as pCard super-users for the College of Education:
Unit Super user
Academic Programs (Advising and Certification) Christi McClellan
Alumni and Development Wanda Wasilko
Curriculum and Instruction Jennifer Glasgow
Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS) Darlene Kolesar
College Operations (CETC, Communications, Facilities) Janel Fitzgerald
Dean’s Office Janel Fitzgerald
ED Eng. Initiatives Jennifer Glasgow
Education and Social Equity Brenda Martinez
EPCSE Valerie Irvin
EPS Jennifer McCloskey
Humphrey Fellowship and International Programs Christi McClellan
ISAL Kathleen Wheeler
LPS Susan Berzonsky
PPDC Stacy Lynch
Research (including Grants and Contracts) Heather Decker
Universal Backup Brandy Wood