The College of Education Alumni-Student Mentoring Program connects alumni with current students. This professional development program gives students an opportunity to tap into the knowledge and expertise of Education alumni. Alumni can give students advice on career paths and help students establish a network of alumni and other education professionals. Contact is made through the Alumni Relations Office and matches are made based on shared career interests. 

For more information about this program, please contact Stefanie Tomlinson ([email protected]) or 814-863-2216.

"My mentor has been there for anything that I need. She is so helpful and always offers support!" -- Caitlin, student protégé 

"This is a great program and I recommend it to all undergraduates in the College of Education. " -- Madison, student protégé 

"My mentor has been an incredible asset to me as a mentor and as a friend. I feel fortunate to have someone who continues to support me through my endeavors." -- Samantha, student protégé 

"Interacting with my protege has helped to remind me of the level of complexity that exists for today's college student. She has her "plate full" but has had the ability to manage all of her tasks and activities. She is a prize!" -- Joe, alumni mentor

"I love when my student protege shares her lesson ideas with me -- gives me great ideas to use in my own classroom. Plus she's the hardest working student I've ever met! She's very motivating to me both as a teacher and as a mom of a college student!" -- Galit, alumni mentor

"It was fun bouncing different experiences and ideas with concurrent learning off each other! This was a challenging year and it was nice to hear what another teacher was doing to best support students." -- Caleb, alumni mentor