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Since our inception in 2019, the College of Education Staff Advisory Council has served to unite and support staff through advocacy and community involvement. The Council consists of nine representatives from departments within the College of Education who each serve a two-year term. An executive team is then elected from these members and will serve for three years. The Council began its work in July 2019 and under the leadership of the newly appointed executive team, we are working hard to ensure compliance with the Mission, Vision, and Values set forth to move this Council forward. The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) promotes awareness and inclusion for virtual and in-office staff. Since March of 2020, the need for staff to feel connected has significantly increased. We encourage all staff to attend our monthly meetings (on the first Thursday of every month), share any positive or constructive feedback, and know this Council is here to enhance connections, inclusion, and values to our staff and college.

What We Do



The Staff Advisory Council has made it our mission to foster an inclusive workplace while enhancing the stature of the College of Education by serving as an advocate to the Dean and the Administration for staff prosperity, policies, and goals. The Staff Advisory Council contributes to and provides leadership on issues related to policies and practices that impact staff. Additionally, the SAC will champion opportunities that encourage personal and professional growth, while creating a culture that encourages two-way communications, transparency, accountability, community-building, workforce development, and enhanced institutional investment.

The mission of the College of Education Staff Advisory Council (CoED SAC) is to:

  • Foster an inclusive environment;
  • Provide a voice for CoED staff;
  • Act as liaison between University and College leadership and CoED staff.


The vision of the inaugural Staff Advisory Council is to successfully deliver professional development while building a vibrant networking community within the college. The overall goal is to enhance staff morale and create a more inclusive and equitable working environment within the College of Education.

The vision of the CoED SAC is to:

  • Strengthen staff relations within the College and increase networking opportunities;
  • Support, encourage and cultivate professional growth and development of staff within the College;
  • Engage in collegial discussions and collaborations by serving as a sounding board for staff within the College.


We recognize and value the excellence of our faculty, staff, and students. We strive for excellence in our support of faculty, staff, and students, individually and collectively, in their effort to achieve their professional and personal career goals.


We promote innovation and creativity in the workplace to better serve our faculty, staff, and students by encouraging the sharing of new ideas, providing opportunities for training, and networking within the workplace to learn from experiences of colleagues.


We expect collegial interactions that encompass integrity, good judgment, and respect.


We respect others; conduct ourselves ethically, honestly, and openly; honor our commitments; and fairly resolve ethical issues in our work.


We strive to provide an inclusive work environment that promotes and values diversity in all of its forms, and where faculty, staff, and students feel valued and can perform their best work. An environment that recognizes and values cultural and technical experiences of all college members – staff, faculty, and students.


We communicate across disciplinary, administrative, and cultural boundaries to better understand and integrate the expertise and experiences of our colleagues to conduct business and devise solutions to challenges.


We strive to protect and enhance our natural and built environment for future generations by promoting sustainability principles in our interactions with students, staff, faculty, and visitors to our college.

We encourage all full-time staff in good standing to consider applying to serve on the Staff Advisory Council for a two-year term. Time served as a member of SAC is considered part of an individual’s professional development and service to the College.


Applications are accepted in odd years during the month of March.


When the application period is open, all full-time staff in good standing within the college are eligible to apply. Multiple individuals from the same area may apply; however, only one representative from each area will be selected. Members of the SAC, in consultation with human resources, will select members for SAC based on the applications received and following the criteria established in the SAC guidelines. You can download the application here.

We strongly encourage you to reach out to your area's representative or anyone on the executive team to voice any feedback or concerns. However, we also have a digital form available for you to provide any feedback or concerns anonymously to the Staff Advisory Council. 


Executive Team


Paul Smith - EPCSE
[email protected]
(814) 863-4452
125 CEDAR Building



Tiffany Benner - Advising
[email protected]
(814) 863-1496
228 Chambers Bldg



Wendy Williams - Dean's Office
[email protected]
(814) 865-1560
274 Chambers Bldg



Jeannette Tressler - C&I
[email protected]
(814) 865-6568
143 Chambers Building





Gary Thomas - Dean Suite/C&I
[email protected]
(814) 863-4484
169 Chambers Building


Matthew Bornak - LPS
[email protected]
(814) 867-0063
409 Keller Bldg


Michael McCarty - ISAL
[email protected]
(814) 863-9333
405C Keller Bldg


Tami Hinish - CETC/Operations
[email protected]
(814) 867-3371
228 Chambers Bldg


Ex-officio Members

Liz Cummings - HRC
[email protected]
(814) 863-1492
279 Chambers Building


Lori Witherite-Zellers - Development
[email protected]
(814) 863-4595
264 Chambers Building