• Application can be submitted online with a credit card at:
  • THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED PROCEDURE FOR APPLYING! History record (if clear) comes up on screen immediately; print it out as your evidence OR application forms can be downloaded at:
    • See the Request a Criminal History Record Link to be taken to downloadable forms
    • Indicate EMPLOYMENT as the “Reason for Request”
    • For mailed form, allow 8-10 weeks for processing and mailing times.
    • For mailed form, payment must be made with certified check or money order (keep your receipt as evidence!)
    • Personal checks are not accepted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
  • Verification of a negative TB Test by either personal physician or University Health Center.
    • Students MUST make an appointment at the Health Center, and should be aware that it may NOT be possible to schedule an appointment the first week of the semester!
  • Allow 2-3 days for reading test
  • Students who prove positive must submit proof of x-ray examination and clearance by physician
  • There is no special form required; what the doctor submits is fine.
  • Available through private insurance carrier
  • Evidence consists of letter or policy statement
  • Must include reference to “professional” liability coverage
  • Concurrent with school year (September 1 – August 31);
  • Check expiration date to make sure that coverage will be in effect the entire practicum.

Information on the NSOR Clearance can be found here: Additional details include:

  1. No fee
  2. Purpose of NSOR is “Volunteer of a child-care provider, group-daycare home or family child care home.”
  3. May take up to 14 days after application has been submitted
  4. Must mail or email completed application to (Department of Human Services PO Box 8170 Harrisburg, PA 17105-8170: OR ([email protected])
  5. Make a copy of your completed application before mailing the application
  6. Link to the application:
  7. Applicants who do not possess a social security number must contact a ChildLine supervisor. The ChildLine supervisor will assist on how to apply for the NSOR verification, in the absence of a social security number.

Click here to download a printable copy of this form.

Please print this page. Then sign and date at the bottom and submit to your supervisor at the first seminar meeting.


Curriculum and Instruction Field Experiences
170 Chambers Building, University Park, PA 16802
Fax: (814) 865-1927


The College of Education, The Pennsylvania State University, works with a large number of school districts and early childhood centers each year in connection with field experiences required for teacher preparation programs. In each instance, we are able to place teacher education students in a particular setting because that educational setting has invited us to place prospective teachers and has agreed to work cooperatively with us in a particular segment of the teacher education program.


Teacher education students participating in field experience activities, University supervisors, and other personnel from The Pennsylvania State University who are in a school district or early childhood center are always there as guests.


Each educational setting with which The Pennsylvania State University has a working relationship has regulations, procedures, institutional practices, professional philosophies, and personal and professional expectations for teachers and teacher education students working in that setting.


A teacher education student enrolling in a course which requires an assignment to a field experience should understand that he/she is in that setting as a guest of the district or early childhood setting. Further, the acceptance of a field experience assignment indicates an understanding of this guest/host relationship and an understanding that the teacher education student is expected to abide by the calendar, regulations, procedures, institutional practices, and professional expectations of the particular school district or early childhood setting in which an assignment has been accepted.


As a teacher education student, I understand and agree to the principles governing field experiences, outlined above. Further, I understand that if my personal or professional behavior or my ability to work as an effective prospective teacher in the learning environment is not compatible with the expectations of that educational setting, I may be asked to leave by either the University or the host school or early childhood center.



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