University Park Campus Faculty

Craig Campbell

307 Keller
[email protected]
(814) 863-0614


Informal and Non-formal Learning;
History of Adult and Continuing Education; Qualitative Research Methodologies; Indigenous Knowledge Systems; International Adult Education.

Jose Cossa

305A Keller
[email protected] 
(814) 863-9011


Adult Education; Distance Education; Planning and Evaluation.

William Diehl

303 Keller
[email protected]
(814) 867-0228


Teaching and Learning Online
Adult Education
Distance Education

John Holst

305E Keller
[email protected]


Adult education and social movements; political economy of adult education; precarity, work, and learning.

Esther Prins

305B Keller
[email protected] 
(814) 865-0597


Adult basic education and literacy; family literacy; literacy and health; participatory research and community development; social inequities.

Rebecca Tarlau

305C Keller
[email protected] 
814) 865-2246


Social Movements and Popular Education; Labor Education; Global Political Economy; Latin American Development and Social Change; Political Sociology; Politics of Education Reform; Social Theory; Ethnography.