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Connect With One of the Nation’s Most Powerful Alumni Networks

Penn State’s College of Education alumni are deeply caring individuals who stay connected, involved, and active in our university’s future growth and success. Through a range of benefits that include mentoring, support, and networking opportunities, we offer experiences that pay dividends on your degree … for life.

By establishing valuable and lasting alumni connections, the College of Education puts you in touch with a professional network of nearly 52,000 alumni--12,000 of whom are members of the Penn State Alumni Association--that you can tap into throughout your professional life, as well as events, continuing education opportunities, and a host of other benefits that will help you achieve your educational, career, and personal goals. In exchange, you’ll have the opportunity to provide insights to our dean, mentor existing students — and contribute to the college’s legacy and future successes.

As a graduate, you’ll automatically become a member of the College of Education Alumni Society by joining the Penn State Alumni Association.

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