Executive Council Members - 2022-23

  • Elizabeth Prosek, Chair
  • Rick Kubina,  Chair-Elect
  • Brian Belland,  Past Chair


Department Representatives

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Carmen Vanderhoof  (2021-23)
  • Ravi Koul (2022-24)

Education Policy Studies

  • Kai Schafft (2022-24)
  • DeMarcus Jenkins (2022-24)
Educational Psychology, Counseling & Special Education
  • Cristin Hall (2021-23)
  • Jessica Henry (2022-24)
Learning & Performance Systems
  • Bill Brendel (2021-23)
  • Bill Rothwell (2022-24)


Student Representatives

  • Caroline Clontz, Undergraduate Student Representative, 2022-23 
  • Araya Baker, Graduate Student Representative, 2022-23 


Dean's Representative

  • Gwen Lloyd, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs




2022 College of Education Elected Positions

Carlo Panlilio
Assistant Professor (July 2021 thru June 2023)

Alternate Ombudsperson

Paul Riccomini

Professor (January 2022 thru July 2024)


Ed Fuller, EPS (2022- 2026) Convenor and Senate Council member

Paul Riccomini, EPCSE (2023)

Jonte Taylor, EPCSE (2024)

Andrea McCloskey, C&I (2025)

Esther Prins, LPS (2022 - 2026)

Jenny Frank, EPSCE (2022-23) alternate serving remainder of vacated seat

Marissa Gillespie, Education Student Senator, UPUA College of Education

First Alternate

Ravinder Koul, EPS (2022 - 2026)



Elizabeth Hughes (2021-23)

Dana Mitra (2022-25);


Cristin Hall (2021-23)

Xiangquan (James) Yao  (2022-25)

Faculty Council Standing Committees

Kai Schafft, Faculty Council Representative  

Julia Plummer, Director of Curriculum, C&I 

Kimberly Powell, Director of Graduate Studies, C&I 

John Cheslock, Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, EPS 

Peggy Van Meter, Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, EPCSE 

Heather Zimmerman, Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, LPS 

Andrea McCloskey, Member of Faculty Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs (ex officio) 

Alex List, Member of Graduate Council Sub-Committee on New and Revised Programs and Courses 

TBD, Member of Equity Team Curriculum Sub-Committee  

David Borges, College of Education, Staff Support (ex officio) 

Rayne Sperling, College of Education Dean’s Representative (ex officio) 


William Rothwell, LPS, Faculty Council Representative

Jeff Hayes, EPCSE

Tiffany Squires, EPS

James Yao, CI

Rayne Sperling and Gwen Lloyd, Associate Deans -- Dean's Representatives

David McNaughton, EPCSE, Faculty Council Representative

Brian Belland, Faculty Council Representative  

TBD, Undergraduate Student  

TBD, Graduate Student 


TBD, College of Education Office of Operations, Dean’s Representative (ex officio) 

Crissy Hall (EPCSE), Faculty Council Representative and Committee Chair 

Ravi Koul (C&I) 



Caroline Clontz, Faculty Council Undergraduate Student Representative 

Araya Baker, Faculty Council Graduate Student Representative 

Tiffany Benner, Staff Advisory Council Representative 

Tami Hinish, College of Education Office of Operations/Events, Staff Support (ex officio) 

Faculty Council Special Committees

David Lee, Professor (EPCSE)  (2021-23) -- Dean's Appointee 

Julia Green Bryan, Professor (EPCSE)  (2021-23) -- Dean's Appointee

Francesca Lopez, Professor, CI (2021-24)

Scott McDonald, Professor, CI (2021-23)

Roy Clariana, Professor (LPS) (2023-25)

ChanMin Kim, Associate Professor (LPS) (2023-25)

Kai Schafft, Professor (EPS) (2023-24)

Karen Eppley, Teaching Professor (CI)

Kathleen M. Hill, Associate Teaching Professor (CI/CSTS)

Matthew Johnson, Associate Teaching Professor (CI/CSTS)

Karen Paulson, Teaching Professor (EPS)

Pia Smal, Associate Teaching Professor (EPCSE)


(Charge to the Task Force)

David Post, EPS, Faculty Council Representative

Carmen Vanderhoof, CI, Faculty Council Representative

Bill Brendel, LPS, Faculty Council Representative

Brian Belland, EPCSE, Faculty Council Chair

Elizabeth Prosek, EPCSE, Faculty Council Chair elect

Julia Bryan, EPCSE, Faculty Council Past Chair

Jess Henry, EPCSE, Associate Teaching Professor

Karen Paulson, EPS, Teaching Professor

Peggy VanMeter, EPCSE, Associate Professor / Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Julia Plummer, CI, Professor / Director of Curriculum

Heather Zimmerman, LPS, Professor / Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

For more information on committee membership and duties, please see the Faculty Council's Standing Rules of Order