Executive Council Members - 2020-21

Julia Bryan, Chair
Brian Belland, Chair-Elect
Fran Arbaugh, Past Chair

Department Representatives

Curriculum & Instruction

Bernard Badiali (2020-22)
Ashley Patterson  (2020-21) - replacement for vacated seat for 1 year only

Education Policy Studies

David Post (2020-22)
Kelly Rosinger (2020-22)

Educational Psychology, Counseling & Special Education

Tracy Raulston (2019-21)
David McNaughton (2020-22)

Learning & Performance Systems

Bill Brendel (2021-23)
Bill Rothwell (2020-22)


Student Representatives

Sagun Giri (Graduate Student Representative)
Joseph Clark  (Undergraduate Student Representative)

Dean's Representative

Gwen Lloyd, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs




College of Education Elected Positions

Erica Frankenberg
Associate Professor (July 2019 thru June 2021)

Alternate Ombudsperson

Pamela Wolfe
Associate Professor (July 2019 thru June 2021)

Jonte "JT" Taylor (2020-24)
Jacqueline Reid-Walsh (2017-21)
Karly Ford (2020-22)
Joshua Kirby (2018-22) - senate liaison
Wendy Coduti (2019-23)
Paul Riccomini (2019-23)

First Alternate

Edward Fuller (2019-2022)
Karen Eppley (2020-2023) - fulfilling 2021-22 for Karly Ford vacated seat
David Post (2021-2025)

Laura Bray (2020)
Xiangquan "James" Yao (2020-22)
James DiPerna (2019-21) - 2nd term


M. Kathleen Heid (2020-22) - Serving Spring 2021
Edward Fuller (2019-21)

Faculty Council Standing and Special Committees

Fran Arbaugh -- Faculty Council Representative
Heather Zimmerman, Associate Professor, LPS
David Gamson, Associate Professor, EPs
Peggy Van Meter, Associate Professor, EPCSE
Kimberly Powell, Professor, CI
Gwen Lloyd, Associate Dean -- Dean's Representative and Chair
Kathy Heid, Professor, CI
Wendy Coduti, Associate Professor, EPCSE -- Faculty Senate Liaison

Liza Conyers, Professor, EPCSE (2019-21) -- Dean's Appointee
Jeanine Staples, Professor, CI  (2020-22) -- Dean's Appointee
Dana Mitra, Professor, EPS (2018-21)
Gail Boldt, Professor, CI (2020-2023)
Priya Sharma, Associate Professor, LPS (2020-23)
Alicia Dowd, Professor, EPS (2019-22)
Pamela Wolfe, Associate Professor, EPCSE (2018-21)

Wesley Donahue, Teaching Professor, LPS (2020-22)
Karen Eppley, Associate Teaching Professor, CI (2020-22)
Shirley Woika, Teaching Professor, EPCSE (2020-22)
Efrain Marimon, Assistant Teaching Professor, CI (2019-21)
Michelle Knotts, Assistant Teaching Professor, CI (2019-21)

Ashley Patterson, Assistant Professor, CI -- Faculty Council Representative
Elizabeth Prosek, Associate Professor, EPCE
Maithreyi Gopalan, Assistant Professor, EPS
Jose Cossa, Associate Professor, LPS
Rayne Sperling, Associate Dean -- Dean's Appointee, ex-officio member

David McNaughton, Associate Professor, EPCSE -- Faculty Council Representative
Hyung Joon Yoon, Assistant Professor, LPS
Julian Morales, Director of Operations -- Dean's Appointee, ex-officio member
Joanna Weidler-Lewis, Director of EDUCATE
Penny Barr, student representative

Tracy Raulston, Assistant Professor, EPCSE -- Faculty Council Representative and Chair
Tanner Vea, Assistant Professor, LPS
Matthew Kelly, Assistant Professor, EPS
James Yao, Assistant Professor, CI