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Alumni resources for recent and past graduates of the College of Education at Penn State.

Alumni Resources

Penn State Alumni Association members have access to a selection of online databases not available to the general public through Penn State University Libraries.

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Webinar Recordings

Balancing Care, Justice, Responsibility, and Conviction: Women, Leadership, Love, and the Work of the Soul

Judy Alston (‘96g) examines how the intersections of care, justice, responsibility, and conviction provide a frame and foundation for the calling to leadership for women in organizations.

Entrepreneurship in Education; Leading, Adapting, and Ongoing Evolution

Anne Zummo Malone (’01) shares strategies for professional growth, problem solving, and innovation in an ever-evolving world of education.

Financial Literacy For Women

Sarah E. Metzger, Education Program Specialist with the Penn State Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center, discusses some financial challenges women face and offer information that can help women feel more in control of their saving and investing for their future.

Empowerment & Authenticity: It Starts with Uncomfortability

Christina Parle (‘16g) explores the intersections of empowerment and authenticity with equity, inclusion, and diversity work.

The Power of Difference: The Courage and Strength in our Difference

Charleon Jeffries (’11, ‘14g) discusses the importance of a diverse workforce and how—and why—leaders can include different perspectives in their decision-making.  

Professional Panel Knowing When to Jump

Rebekah Cunningham (’06), Alexa E. Hodge (’11, ‘14g), Michele Loomis (’01), and Rachel Wiley (’11) discuss their career trajectories and how they knew when it was time to take the next step.

Leading in the Face of Trauma

Aubrey Daniels (‘19g) addresses how women can be resilient leaders through tough times and unexpected circumstances.

YOU Can Lead From Any Chair

Linda Verba (’71) empowers current and future women leaders by reflecting on her career at TD Bank and encouraging women to take active leadership roles within their own organizations.   

Digital Tools for New Teachers

Ryan Kaiser discusses various websites and apps that are useful in the classroom, including sharing ideas about how these digital tools can be implemented. 

EdTech Without the Overwhelm 

Samantha Fecich ('06g, '12g, '14g) follows-up on her Accessibility Teacher Toolkit session by focusing in-depth on three educational technology tools–TeacherMade, Canva EDU, and Wakelet–that are versatile, cost-effective, and will give you a quick win every time. 

Average is Over: Preparing for the Innovative Changes in Education

Jonathan Klingeman ('08) helps participants reflect on how the world continues to change and how new teachers can prepare themselves to be better adapted to the constant change in public education including being proactive, professional networking, and digital leadership.

Taking a Creative Risk: How Educators Move Forward 

Elizabeth Raff ('16g) shares the creative risks she’s taken in the classroom to not only engage and strengthen her classroom community, but to reignite a passion for teaching and learning. You will walk away with tangible strategies to implement in your classroom and a new excitement about the power of education.

Work-Life Balance

Amy Meisinger ('09g) and Robert Barrett provide resources and ideas for avoiding burnout in the classroom.

Return to School After COVID 19: Social Emotional Strategies for Supporting Students in the Classroom

Katie Kolbe-Holden (’05 HHD) reviews research related to social emotional impacts the pandemic has had on children and provides strategies through a multitiered systems of support lens to assist students as they return to face-to-face learning.

Breathe and Build

Keonna Knight (’18) invites attendees to find their calm and build a personalized toolkit for reducing stress and prioritizing personal wellness.

Identifying Educational Gaps to Create Classroom Opportunities

Mary Lou Heron (’73) and Douglas Womelsdorf (’03, ‘05g) discuss the role that teachers play in identifying educational gaps in literacy skills focusing on the classroom practices of teachers.

The Land of the Unknown—Gifted Education

Ciminy St. Clair (’01) examines tips and strategies for approaching gifted education.

Student-Centered Remote Teaching: Lessons Learned from Teaching During A Crisis

Monique Cottman (’06), Tiffany Walters (’05), Katie Wilson (’11), and Natalie Zuravleff (’15) reflect on their transitions from resident to remote learning.

Finding Your Balance in Work and Life: Regenerating Resources Within You

Amy Freeman (‘09g) shares her tips on balancing a busy life, dealing with stress, and embracing peace of mind.

In the Name of Emmett Till: How the Children of the Mississippi Freedom Showed Us Tomorrow

Robert H. Mayer ('87g) talks about his inspiring young adult book, which offers an unflinching portrayal of life in the segregated South and the bravery of young people who fought that system.

The Rest of the Story: Unpublished Letters of Elsie Machle White

Georgene Searfoss ('89g) recalls the life of a heroic WWI widow and letters she left behind.

Accessibility Teacher Toolkit

Samantha Fecich (‘06g, ‘12g, 14g) explores edtech tools that will help level the playing field for students with disabilities in online, hybrid, or traditional classroom settings.

Student Resistance, Care and Belonging

Francesca Lopez, Waterbury Chair in Equity Pedagogy and Professor of Education, explores the importance of emotional warmth in the classroom, in both K-12 and higher education settings.

Are You Prepared? Real Talk About Race and Identity in the Classroom

Seria Chatters, Adjunct Associate Teaching Professor in the College of Education, provides educators at all levels (K-12 and higher ed) with tools and techniques they can use to engage in effective conversations with their students about identity and race.

Esports for Learning in the Age of Experience

Jason Alphonso Engerman (‘16g) unpacks the trends associated with digitally competitive ecosystems known holistically as Esports and the impact these environments can have on preparation for an evolving economic landscape.

“I am the Daughter of...The Works of African American Women”

LaVerne Gyant (‘86g, ‘90g) explores the contributions of women activists Shirley Chisholm, Ella Baker, Betty Shabazz, and Coretta Scott King.

Taking Care of Yourself Through Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness

Jennifer Burdis (’98), “The EduNinja,” provides tips for helping people of all ages and abilities look, feel, and perform at their best.

Tell your story through photos and memories

Kimberlee Kiehl ('90g) demonstrates how you can organize and document your photos, your memorabilia, and your stories for yourself and for future generations.

Everything Imagined is Real: A Conversation with Dr. Jarod Roselló

Jarod Roselló (‘10g, ‘14g) discusses life as a Cuban American writer, cartoonist, and educator. 

Coffee and Conversation with Elijah Armstrong

Elijah Armstrong (’19) discusses his path to disability rights advocacy.

Coffee and Conversation with Peter Buck

Peter Buck (‘15g) shares the important programs he is managing at Penn State’s Sustainability Institute.

Shelley Canright: A champion for STEM education and storytelling

Shelley Canright (‘95g) reflects on her 30+ years in various education leadership positions within NASA.

Bringing Hope and Positive Change to Lemong’o

Carolyn Tague (’85), founder of The Lemong’o Project, shares how the nonprofit organization empowers the Maasai people of Lemong’o in rural Kenya through improvement of nutrition, access to education, health support, and employment opportunities.

Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic

Nathan Kepner (’10) reflects on his Penn State experience and his journey to becoming one half of The Crescent Circus, a New Orleans-based traveling circus that combines circus acts with humor and magic, resulting in a one-of-a-kind stage experience.