The Office of Education & Social Equity works to foster equity and inclusion by creating educational opportunities and experiences, raising awareness and developing strategies and tools to enhance intercultural, racial/ethnic competence.

The role of the Office of Education and Social Equity (OESE) is to support all members of the Education community — students, faculty, and staff – in raising, addressing, and responding to issues of educational equity and social justice. Through various types of educational programming, partnerships, outreach and professional development, we work on developing the skills that will enable all our students to become better educators and leaders.

Work focuses on:

  • Providing historically underserved/minoritized students the support, opportunities and resources that provide access to post-secondary education, enhance their educational experience and facilitate their academic well-being. 
  • Development and implementation of partnerships and collaborations in support of research and practices for the advancement of education justice, equity, and inclusion in all its forms.
  • Identification and disruption of broad systemic issues caused by inequities in educational opportunity.