University/College Funded Opportunities

The following opportunities are for University Park College of Education students.

Dissertation Research Initiation Grant

** offered 2 times a year **

Graduate student Dissertation Research Initiation Grants for College of Education doctoral students at University Park are offered each fall and spring semester through the generosity of the Office of the Dean of the College of Education.  Students must be at the dissertation level to apply.

Student RIG Guidelines  (Revised January 2022)
Student RIG Application (pdf)

Graduate Student Travel Grant

The Graduate Student Travel Grant is intended to help financially support a graduate student's travel expenses to, from, and during a conference. Eligible College of Education (University Park) students will have been accepted to present at a conference/symposium. Additional eligibility criteria and application instructions are provided on the application.

Summer Tuition Assistance Program

The Summer Tuition Assistance Program is open to Graduate Students who have held either an assistantship or fellowship during BOTH the Fall and Spring Semesters of the current academic year.  An Advisor Approval Form MUST  be completed and signed by your advisor and then submitted to your program’s staff assistant prior to completing the online application form.

Externally Funded Opportunities