Interested in serving on the College of Education Alumni Society Board of Directors? We encourage you to submit a Board Candidacy Form. The deadline to apply for the 2023 election is February 1, 2023. 

2022-2023 Alumni Society Board of Directors

Alumni Society Board Group Photo











Front row (L-R): Nikki Birkbeck, Cathy Tomon, Sherry Yontosh, Sharon Salter, Dean Kimberly Lawless, Krishawna Goins, Deborah Marron, Brandin Conrath, Stefanie Tomlinson, Michael Cattell

Back row (L-R): Ray Guzman, Jr., Joseph H. Clapper, III, Jonathan Klingeman, Ron Musoleno, William Clark, Amy Meisinger, Caleb Gildea, Cass Ramsey, Rory Murphy

Missing: Tonnie DeVecchis-Kerr, Jhan D. Doughty, Kiley Foley, Pam Francis, Sarah Lozano, Matt Richards, John Rozzo

President 2022-2024






Jonathan Klingeman
'08 B.S. Secondary Education
Director of Gifted Support and Learning Enrichment
State College Area School District

President-Elect 2022-2024

Dr. Cathy Tomon






Dr. Catherine T. Tomon
'79 B.S. Elementary and Kindergarten Education
Principal, Bridges School, North Carolina

Secretary 2022-2024







Sharlene Yontosh  
'91 B.S. EKED, '00 M.Ed. Educational Administration
Student Teaching Supervisor - Penn State University
Retired Principal - Bellefonte Area School District

Immediate Past President







Dr. Joseph H Clapper, III
'92 D.ED. Curriculum and Instruction
Assistant Executive Director- Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools 
Retired School Superintendent 




Current Board of Directors
Name Information
Nicole Birkbeck '12 Elementary and Kindergarten Education/ ‘19g Curriculum and Instruction/ Kindergarten Teacher
Joseph Clapper '92 D.ED /Curriculum and Instruction/ Retired Superintendent
William Clark ’87 Secondary Education/ ’98 D.ED Educational Administration/ Assistant Professor of Secondary Education
Tonya DeVecchis-Kerr ’79 Elementary and Kindergarten Education/'98g Counselor Education/ Retired Superintendent
Kiley Foley ’16 Rehabilitation and Human Services/ '18g Counselor Education/ Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Pamela Francis ’75 Education of Exceptional Children/ '04 D.ED Curriculum and Instruction/ Retired Supervisor for Planning, Program Development, and Evaluation
Caleb Gildea ’16 Child and Early Adolescent Education/ Special Projects Coordinator, US Department of Agriculture
Krishawna Goins ’19 Child and Early Adolescent Education/ First Grade Teacher
Ramon Guzman, Jr. ’17 Education and Public Policy/ Regional Director, External Affairs
Jonathan Klingeman ’08 Secondary Education/ Director of Federal Programs and Gifted Services
Sarah Lozano ‘12g College Student Affairs/ John Hopkins University, Krieger School of Arts
Deborah Marron ‘84g Counselor Education/ Retired Director of Development and Enrichment
Amy Meisinger ’09 D.ED Educational Leadership/ Principal
Ronald Musoleno ’73 Music Education/ ‘76g Music Education/ Retired Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
Matt Richards ’17 Secondary Education/ ‘21g Curriculum and Instruction/ Chemistry Teacher
John Rozzo ’99 Elementary and Kindergarten Education/ Superintendent
Sharon Salter ’09 D.ED Educational Administration/ Director of Special Education
Catherine Tomon ’79 Elementary and Kindergarten Education/ Principal
Sharlene Yontosh ’91 Elementary and Kindergarten Education/ ‘00g Educational Administration/ Principal/District ELA Coordinator

APG Representatives
Cass Ramsey- Higher Education Program APG president
Jhan Doughty - Social Equity Alumni Network APG president

Student Representatives
Michael Cattell - Undergraduate Student Council
Rory Murphy - Undergraduate Student Council
Brandin Conrath-Graduated Student Representative 

Ex-Officio Members
Kimberly A. Lawless - Dean
Stephen Wilson - Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Stefanie Tomlinson - Assistant Director, Alumni Relations