Interested in serving on the College of Education Alumni Society Board of Directors? The deadline to apply for the 2024 election is December 11, 2023. Board candidacy forms will be uploaded to this page later this summer. Please email Stefanie Tomlinson [email protected] to be informed when the new form is available.

2022-2023 Alumni Society Board of Directors

Alumni Society Board Group photo


Front row (L-R): Nikki Birkbeck, Cathy Tomon, Sherry Yontosh, Sharon Salter, Dean Kimberly Lawless, Krishawna Goins, Deborah Marron, Brandin Conrath, Stefanie Tomlinson, Michael Cattell

Back row (L-R): Ray Guzman, Jr., Joseph H. Clapper, III, Jonathan Klingeman, Ron Musoleno, William Clark, Amy Meisinger, Caleb Gildea, Cass Ramsey, Rory Murphy

Missing: Tonnie DeVecchis-Kerr, Jhan D. Doughty, Kiley Foley, Pam Francis, Sarah Lozano, Matt Richards, John Rozzo


President 2022-2024

Jonathan Klingeman

Jonathan Klingeman
- 2008 B.S. Secondary Education
- Director of Gifted Support and Learning Enrichment State College Area School District



President-Elect 2022-2024

Dr. Catherine Tomon

Dr. Catherine T. Tomon
- 1979 B.S. Elementary and Kindergarten Education
- Principal, Bridges School, North Carolina




Secretary 2022-2024

Sharlene Yontosh

Sharlene Yontosh
- 1991 B.S. EKED, '00 M.Ed. Educational Administration
- Student Teaching Supervisor - Penn State University
- Retired Principal - Bellefonte Area School District



Immediate Past President

Dr. Joe Clapper, III

Dr. Joseph H Clapper, III
- 1992 D.ED. Curriculum and Instruction
- Asst Executive Director - Pennsylvania Assoc of Rural and Small Schools
- Retired School Superintendent



Current Board of Directors

Nicole Birkbeck
- 2012 Elementary and Kindergarten Education
- 2019g Curriculum and Instruction
- Kindergarten Teacher

Joseph Clapper
- 1992 D.ED Curriculum and Instruction
- Retired Superintendent

William Clark
- 1987 Secondary Education
- 1998 D.ED Educational Administration
- Assistant Professor of Secondary Education

Tonya DeVecchis-Kerr
- 1979 Elementary and Kindergarten Education
- 1998g Counselor Education/ Retired Superintendent

Kiley Foley
- 2016 Rehabilitation and Human Services
- 2018g Counselor Education
- Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Pamela Francis
- 1975 Education of Exceptional Children
- 2004 D.ED Curriculum and Instruction
- Retired Supervisor for Planning, Program Development, and Evaluation

Caleb Gildea
- 2016 Child and Early Adolescent Education
- Special Projects Coordinator, US Department of Agriculture

Krishawna Goins
- 2019 Child and Early Adolescent Education
- First Grade Teacher

Ramon Guzman, Jr.
- 2017 Education and Public Policy
- Regional Director, External Affairs

Jonathan Klingeman
- 2008 Secondary Education
- Director of Federal Programs and Gifted Services

Sarah Lozano
- 2012g College Student Affairs
- John Hopkins University, Krieger School of Arts

Deborah Marron
- 1984g Counselor Education
- Retired Director of Development and Enrichment

Amy Meisinger
- 2009 D.ED Educational Leadership
- Principal

Ronald Musoleno
- 1973 Music Education
- 1976g Music Education
- Retired Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

Matt Richards
- 2017 Secondary Education
- 2021g Curriculum and Instruction
- Chemistry Teacher

John Rozzo
- 1999 Elementary and Kindergarten Education
- Superintendent

Sharon Salter
- 2009 D.ED Educational Administration
- Director of Special Education

Catherine Tomon
- 1979 Elementary and Kindergarten Education
- Principal

Sharlene Yontosh
- 1991 Elementary and Kindergarten Education
- 2000g Educational Administration
- Principal/District ELA Coordinator

APG Representatives
- Cass Ramsey- Higher Education Program APG president
- Mia Hines - Social Equity Alumni Network APG president


Student Representatives
- Michael Cattell - Undergraduate Student Council
- Rory Murphy - Undergraduate Student Council
- Brandin Conrath-Graduated Student Representative


Ex-Officio Members
- Kimberly A. Lawless - Dean
- Stephen Wilson - Director of Development and Alumni Relations
- Stefanie Tomlinson - Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

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