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Sophia Ángeles

Dr. Sophia L. Ángeles

Assistant Professor of Education

Phone: 814-863-3554

Chambers Building
University Park, PA 16802


  • Curriculum and Instruction


  • Second Language & Multilingual Education


Sophia L. Ángeles is an Assistant Professor of Multilingual Education for the College of Education at Penn State University. She earned her Ph.D. from the School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Stemming from her experiences as a former educator working in multilingual and immigrant communities, Dr. Ángeles’ interrogates how and why language programs are designed in ways that translate into differential access to college and career readiness opportunities for high school newcomer youth. Her scholarship also accounts for how newcomer youth’s educational trajectories are shaped by immigration policies and their identities as minoritized youth.


Dr. Ángeles’ was the recipient of the 2021 Haynes Lindley Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship and the 2022 AERA Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research SIG Best Article Award. Her work has appeared in scholarly journals such the Harvard Educational Review, Journal of Urban Teaching, Learning, and Research, Language Arts, California Council on Teacher Education CCNews.


If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies related to issues of language and/or immigration for multilingual learners enrolled in K-12 schools in the U.S., don't hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Ángeles via email to discuss research ideas and opportunities. 


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• Ph.D. (Education: Urban Schooling) University of California, Los Angeles, 2022
• M.S. (School Counseling) University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 2015
• B.A. (Psychology) Cornell University, 2013


• Multilingual learners in the U.S. 
• Immigrant youth and families
• Undocumented youth
• Latinx education
• Minoritized students’ access to college
• Education policy
• Ethnography

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Equity and Diversity
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Secondary/High School

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Bilingual Ed
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Minority Ed
Public Ed
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Cultural Studies
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