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Dr. John J. Cheslock

Dr. John J. Cheslock
Phone: 8148658278
Office Address:
404B Rackley Building
University Park, PA 16802
Campus: University Park


Associate Professor of Education (Higher Education)
Senior Research Associate, Center for the Study of Higher Education


Education Policy Studies


Center for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE)


Higher Education


Dr. John J. Cheslock is an associate professor in the Education Policies Studies department and a senior research associate in the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the Pennsylvania State University.  Dr. Cheslock obtained his Ph.D. in Labor Economics from Cornell University, where he served as a research assistant at the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute (CHERI). After graduation, he was on the faculty of the University of Arizona for eight years. 

Dr. Cheslock’s research examines the financial sustainability challenges facing many colleges and universities through analysis of specific revenue sources, underlying cost structures, and the economics associated with specific activities.  Most of his research into institutional revenues focuses on net tuition revenue through studies of institutional aid policies and enrollment growth initiatives while expenditure-focused studies primarily examine the number of compensation of personnel.  When investigating specific activities within higher education, he primarily analyzes two areas: online education and intercollegiate athletics.  

Courses Taught

HI ED 552: Administration and Organization in Higher Education

HI ED 801: Foundations & Fundamentals of Institutional Research

HI ED 842: Administrative Leadership in Higher Education

Representative Publications

Cheslock, J., Hughes, R., Frick-Cardelle, R. & Heller, D. (2018). Filling the Gap: The Use of Intentional and Incidental Need-Meeting Aid. Review of Higher Education, 41(4), 577-605.

Cheslock, J., Ortagus, J., Umbricht, M., & Wymore, J. (2016). The Costs of Producing Higher Education: An Exploration of Theory, Evidence, and Institutional Policy. In J. Smart (Ed.), Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, Volume 31. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Cheslock, J., & Callie, T. (2015). Changing Salary Structure and Faculty Composition within Business Schools: Differences Across Sectors and State Funding Levels. Economics of Education Review, 49, 42-54.

Cheslock, J. & Knight, D. (2015). Diverging Revenues, Cascading Expenditures, and Cascading Revenues: The Unbalanced and Growing Financial Strain of Intercollegiate Athletics on Universities and their Students. Journal of Higher Education, 86(3), 417-447.

Cheslock, J., Hughes, R. & Umbricht, M. (2014). The Opportunities, Strategies, and Challenges Associated with the Use of Operations-Oriented Data to Support Decision-Making Within Universities. In J. Lane (Ed.) Building a Smarter University: Big Data, Innovation, and Ingenuity. SUNY Critical Issues in Higher Education Series, Volume 3.  Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.