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Jessica Henry

Dr. Jessica Henry

Associate Teaching Professor of Education (RHS)

Phone: 814-867-5728

332 CEDAR Building
University Park, PA 16802


  • Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education


  • Rehabilitation and Human Services


Dr. Jessica S. Henry is an Associate Teaching Professor of Education (RHS) for the College of Education at Penn State. She possesses an array of skills across both the Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling professions. She earned her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from Ohio University in 2016 and her Master of Rehabilitation Counseling from Alabama State University in 2012. As a licensed mental health counselor (LPC) and certified rehabilitation counselor (CRC), she has devoted her teaching, research, and practice to understanding the wellness needs of others through the exploration of stress impacts on performance outcomes and quality of life. She has specific expertise in counseling individuals with presenting concerns about disability identity development, adjustment to chronic illness, and stress management.


As an Associate Teaching Professor, Dr. Henry embraces a collectivist and transformational teaching pedagogy to prepare future human services-related professionals by empowering them to think, reflect and learn as a community. Her research agenda centers on "Wellness Pedagogy," a teaching intervention she coined, which seeks to help mitigate harmful impacts across course materials that are considered arduous and triggering to students who may have firsthand exposure by way of their upbringing and life circumstances (e.g., suicide, sexual assault, addiction, etc.).


In addition to her work inside the classroom, Dr. Henry serves as the undergraduate advisor for the Rehabilitation and Human Services Student Organization (RHSSO) and EPCSE liaison on the College of Education Faculty Council (2022-2024).



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Froehlich, R.J., Henry, J.S., Tichy, N., Hill, J., Thompson, K. (2023). Rehabilitation counselors and technology, social media, and distance counseling: Contemporary considerations. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin.


Hicks, S.B., & Henry, J.S.(2019). Case Management and Presentation: A Resource for Rehabilitation and Human Services Professionals. In Case Management. In Practicum and Internship Manual. Aspen Professional Service. Linn Creek, MO.


O’Sullivan, D., Gilfillan, E.H., & Henry, J.S. (2018). Personality Assessment in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Settings. In Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Assessment.


Rothmiller, S.J. & Henry, J.S., (2018). Build, Explore, and Consider Career Interventions (BECCI) Case Study (in press). Experiential Activities for Teaching Social Justice and Advocacy Competence in Counseling. Taylor & Francis/ Routledge, New York, NY.

Areas of Expertise

Age Levels

Early Childhood
Older Adult/Aging


Equity and Diversity

Individual Difference

Conceptual Change
Family Processes
Health Issues
Human Development
Learning Processes
Sexual Orientation

Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education

Career Counseling
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Rehabilitation and Human Services

Special Education

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