The ranks of instructor, assistant teaching professor, associate teaching professor, and teaching professor recognize the qualifications and achievements of non-tenure line College of Education faculty members with special qualifications and abilities in pedagogy, outreach, and/or service. These ranks may be achieved as part of the appointment process or through a promotion process.

AC21 Definition of Academic Ranks

2023-24 CoED Non-Tenure Line Promotion Guidelines.pdf

College Guidance on the Preparation of Non-Tenure Line Faculty Promotion Dossiers (revised September 2023)

Karen Eppley, Teaching Professor (CI) 

Matthew Johnson, Associate Teaching Professor (CI/CSTS)

Pia Smal, Associate Teaching Professor (EPCSE) 

William Diehl, Associate Teaching Professor (LPS) 

Karen Paulson, Teaching Professor (EPS)

2023-2024 Non-Tenure Line Promotion Review Timeline

On or before . . .  

Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) provides Department Heads (DHs) with a list of non-tenure-line (NTL) faculty who have completed at least five contract years of service and are eligible for promotion review.


Updated College NTL guidelines and timeline distributed to DHs, eligible NTL faculty, and staff.  


NTL Promotion Review Worshop for Staff (policy, guidelines, timelines, dossier format, FAQs)

Date set by DH

NTL faculty member considering a review for promotion discusses options and eligibility with their DH and/or supervisor.


DHs provide OFA with names of NTL faculty members who will be reviewed for promotion in Spring semester. (DHs should discuss special requests for “early” reviews with the Dean prior to this deadline.


DHs provide names (with rank and title) of members of review committees to OFA, ensuring that committee composition is suited to the ranks of the candidates who will be reviewed in this cycle. 


NTL Promotion Review - Open Office Hours.  This session will be for candidates to bring questions, seek guidance, and if they like, to bring their laptops and work through any concerns with Activity Insight data entry.


College-wide charge meeting for members of review committees. 

Date set by DH

Final draft of candidates' dossiers are due to DHs. After this date, only changes requested by the DH may be made.


Department staff provide department committees with access to dossiers. Department committee reviews begin.

3/4 -3/8

Spring Break


Department committee letters are added to the dossier. DH reviews begin.


Department level of review is complete. Department staff add DH letter to dossier. Department gives the OFA access to the dossier. OFA will provide dossiers to College Committee.


College Committee provides completed letters to OFA to be added to the dossier. Dean’s reviews begin.


Dean completes reviews. Candidates (and DHs) notified of review outcome.


College OFA provides list of promoted faculty to Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.

Before June 1 Candidates will have a briefer-than-usual career conference during the Spring of a formal promotion review. To discuss plans and goals for the upcoming year, DHs will meet with candidates prior to the results of the promotion review. DHs will also submit an overall performance assessment and memo to the faculty member, focused on goals and plans, to Human Resources.


Activity Insight is a system designed to help faculty members collect, organize, and display their data for the purposes of annual reviews, promotion and tenure, and much more. It is a resource aimed at providing an easier, more efficient way for colleges and campuses to manage large reporting processes in a less time-consuming fashion.


CoED Activity Insight Guide


For additional informaiton, or if you have questions, or would like training, please contact Wendy Williams ([email protected]).