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Dr. Ravinder Koul

Professor of Education (SCIED)

Phone: 814-865-2197

177 Chambers Building
University Park, PA 16802


  • Curriculum and Instruction


Ravinder Koul is a Professor of Education (SCIED) for the College of Education at Penn State.


I am interested in cultural aspects of motivation in teaching and learning.  My recent research has focused on gender equity in the participation and persistence of students in STEM fields across national cultures and cultural factors that promote or hinder curriculum reform efforts and the effectiveness of professional development for teachers. I have included links to some of my publications (see below).  Currently, I teach courses in research methods (CI 500: Multiple and Mixed Methods in Curriculum Inquiry) and curriculum design (CS 551: Curriculum Design: Theory and Practice).


Professional Development of Teachers


Koul, R., & Musikul, K. (2022).  Mentoring in the development of science teaching self-efficacy among primary school teachers in Thailand: A mixed methods study.  Manuscript submitted for publication.


Chan S., Maneewan S., & Koul R. (2022). Cooperative learning in teacher education: A means to further learning motivation and academic engagement among EFL pre-service teachers. European Journal of Teacher Education.


Preechawong, S., Anmanatrakul, A., Pinit, P., Koul, R., & Easter, M. A. (2021). Relationship between mentoring and coaching experience, teaching self-efficacy and job satisfaction of vocational school teachers in Thailand. Educational Studies, 1-21.


Chan S., Maneewan S., & Koul R. (2021). Teacher educators’ teaching styles: relation with learning motivation and academic engagement in pre-service teachers. Teaching in Higher Education.


Koul, R. (2006). Curriculum analysis—helping educators recognize personal and education program philosophies. The Journal of Educational Alternatives, 2(2), 65-74. 


Koul, R., Wiesenmayer, R. W., & Rubba, P. A (2001). Evaluating RuralNet: Teaching with Internet. Journal of Educational Computing and Research, 25(2), 129-140.


Equity Issues in STEM Education


Koul, R. (2018). Work and family identities and engineering identity. Journal of Engineering Education, 107(2), 219-237.


Koul, R., Lerdpornkulrat, T., & Poondej, C. (2017). Gender contentedness in aspirations for careers as engineers or medical doctors. European Journal of Engineering Education, 42(6), 1422-1438.


Koul, R., Lerdpornkulrat, T., & Poondej, C. (2016). Gender compatibility, math-gender stereotypes and self-concepts in math and physics. Physical Review Special Topics-Physics Education Research, 12(2), 020115-020126.


Koul, R., Roy, L., & Lerdpornkulrat, T. (2012). Multiple goal orientation, perceptions of biology and physics classroom learning environments, and gender. Learning Environments Research, 15, 217-229.


Koul, R., Lerdpornkulrat, T., & Chantara, S. (2011). Relationship between career aspirations and measures of motivation toward biology and physics, and the influence of gender. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 20, 761-770.

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