Dr. Scott A. Metzger

Dr. Scott A. Metzger
Phone: 8148634443
Office Address:
160 Chambers Bldg
University Park, PA 16802
Campus: University Park


Associate Professor of Education (Social Studies Education)


Curriculum and Instruction


Secondary Education: Social Studies/Citizenship Education
Curriculum and Instruction: Social Studies Education


Scott Metzger is an Associate Professor of Social Studies Education who works with students preparing for social-studies teacher certification (grades 7-12). He also works with graduate students interested in social studies, historical and sociological perspectives, and media in education. He was a high-school social studies teacher in the mid-Michigan area for six years before pursuing his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. A scholar of history teaching, learning, and curriculum, Dr. Metzger's research focuses on how youth, teachers, and the public think about and use the past, particularly involving historically oriented media such as film, television, and video games.

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Areas of Expertise

Curriculum Areas

History/Social Studies Ed

Education Levels

Secondary/High School

Educational Studies

History of Ed
Media Studies


Media Literacy/Education

Teacher Preparation

In-service Teachers
Pre-service Teachers
Professional Development

Courses Taught

SS ED 411: Teaching Secondary Social Studies I

SS ED 412W: Teaching Secondary Social Studies II

SS ED 533: Research on Social Studies Education

SS ED 535: Teaching and Learning Historical Literacy with Media

Representative Publications

Lead editor of the forthcoming International Handbook of History Teaching and Learning (Wiley-Blackwell).

Metzger, S. A., & Paxton, R. J. (2016). Gaming history: A framework for what video games teach about the past. Theory and Research in Social Education, 44(4), 532-564.

Metzger, S. A. (2012). The borders of historical empathy: Students encounter the Holocaust through film. Journal of Social Studies Research, 36(4), 387-410

Mason, L., & Metzger, S. A. (2012). Reconceptualizing media literacy in the social studies: A pragmatist critique of the NCSS position statement on media literacy. Theory and Research in Social Education, 40(4), 436-455.

Anderson, C. B., & Metzger, S. A. (2011). Slavery, the Civil War era, and African American representation in U.S. history: An analysis of four states’ academic standards. Theory and Research in Social Education, 39(3), 298-320.

Marcus, A. S., Metzger, S. A., Paxton, R. J., & Stoddard, J. D. (2010). Teaching History with Film: Strategies for Secondary Social Studies. Routledge.

Metzger, S. A., & Suh, Y. (2008). Significant or safe?  Two cases of instructional uses of history feature films. Theory and Research in Social Education, 36(1), 88-109.